Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"I Am A Student, Yet My Boyfriend Wants Me To Buy Him 93k Worth of Shoes"

"My boyfriend said I should buy him Gucci Driver shoes worth N93,000 when I am coming home for Christmas break, said he will give me the money when I come back. This is going to be the first time we will meet since we started our fragile relationship 9 months ago. We knew a bit in University few years ago.

Severally, I have told my boyfriend prior to now that I cannot afford it. Last before now, he said "but you can start saving now and you will get the money before your arrival". So this time, to be the virtuous girlfriend, I had to go all out and check up the prices for this shoe.

I think he assumes that because I am a self-sponsored student abroad, I am Dantata's love child. Anytime i debunk this claim, he goes like "haba".

Now, I am a student, furthering my studies. And he is working, he has worked for sometime too. Okay, so I have some money that I am saving to do something later next year, when I will be graduating. But my fear is that he doesn't sound like he will give me back this money. Two, I have a problem with him wearing a 93k shoe in this harsh economy knowing that the money can be saved and invested in something of worth.

Do you think I should buy it??? "

Ongoing Nairaland conversation.

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