Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Anti-terrorism: Umunze inaugurates village vigilante

ANAMBA State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Hassan Karma, immediate past Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Chief Emeka Sibudu and the traditional ruler of Umunze, Igwe Promise Eze have warned the newly inaugurated Umunze Vigilante Service operators to beware of engaging in nefarious activities or they will have themselves to blame.
The Abilikete of Umunze, Igwe Promise Eze with the Chairman of Caretaker Committee of Umunzu Progressives Union, Dr Donald Okoli during the inauguration.

They spoke, weekend, at Mbaraizo Square, Umunze during the inauguration of Umunze Village Vigilante Service. They also warned armed robbers, kidnappers and those involved in other criminal activities in the town and its environs to leave the town within one week or be arrested and be made to face the full weight of the law.

The Commissioner of Police, who was represented by the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Umunze Police Division, Mr. Sunday Kayode said the Commissioner was behind the people of Umunze in their effort to maintain security in the community.

He said security is every body’s business and not government’s alone, adding that “security should be extended to the interiors, that is what we call community policing. We are going to support them in any way they will need our assistance, we are going to work with them.

“The vigilante cannot perform without support, information is very important to them, they should not derail from their job, or connive with criminals to terrorize the people they are expected to protect. The police will not take it lightly with anyone of them caught doing that, the fact that you are a member of the vigilante should not be a reason to shield your brother or relation who is a criminal,” he said.

Former Deputy Governor of Anambra State Chief Emeka Sibudu said “nobody believed in the last 15 years that Umunze will be like what it is today. I plead that if you are part of the vigilante, please, behave well, you should not get involved in criminal activities, you will regret it if you do. “Why it is important for government to be here today is that an unchecked activity in Umunze will trigger off violence which will affect the image of the state, I want to encourage every vigilante volunteer that is here today, that Umunze, the local government and the state are behind you.

“The only hitch we have is the sabotage that may come, from you, no amount of money can buy you, as long as you are on the right path, we are with you, you cannot be bought over, we believe that before any visitor comes here to rob, there must be an accomplice from Umunze,” he said.

He further warned the community will not tolerate the act of accusing people falsely of being criminals because of personal differences, and when told to come and give evidence, you start running because you have lied against the person, and if he is left off the hook, they start accusing police of leaving a criminal, remember there is punishment for misleading the police and false information to the police.

“Sometimes when criminals are caught they ‘settle’ the police or vigilante and they get released, that is not this type we are inaugurating today. It was on this ground in 2007 that we told all the criminals disturbing Umunze to leave within one week and they left.

“That is the same thing we want to repeat here, we have come back here again and why we are doing it on this ground is because this is our ancestral home because the Nze man that has seven sons, this is where he lived and that is the deity so whatever we say on this ground is real and active, we gave one week for criminals to leave and those that did not leave we do not know what happened to them and Umunze must be crime free” he said.

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