Saturday, October 18, 2014


like vickytemoi would say!

OK Guys,
let's HONESTLY look at this matter: lol
First, i want to say that i am not a huge fan of wizkid, but my notion must be aired out.

1) we should never mistake PRIDE for SELF CONFIDENCE. I know for some months now wizkid's reputation has come out as that of someone with pride. but common, its true, why will saeon go to wizkid? To make a HIT!!!! WIzkid's name on the song alone is an advertisement! There's no need for social media for any hype! Wizkid clearly stated that they are not friends, so he did his thing. She should have made it known to him she want's to buy his tweets or something not collaborate.

2) As for SAMKLEF , i honestly wont want to have a friend like him! You have been having bad feelings towards a boy, because he didn't promote you, but you still go to his house?
He sent him Twitter DM's ? are you kidding me? Why cant you GO TO HIS HOUSE and ask face to face, or even till him your problems with him FACE to FACE instead of hammering on him like that. NOTJUSTOK also asked Samklef "WHY WIZKID" when other people like D'Prince, and other greats have let him down! Look at that article! He meandered his way around such questions.

3) Let's not forget the fact that nobody recognized the fact that WIZKID said he COULDN'T BEEF samklef even if he hurt him because he had so much love for him.
But we quickly pounced when he said he will beat saeon! The boy was JOKING for crying out loud!

4) Wizkid's and Davido's fight is just a joke. They both have logical reasons as to why to post a photo and get mad. So the competitive spirit in them is to be blame.

Wizkid have the Kanye West Ego and stuff, but all these biased hates is just appalling. Let's please be Logical

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