Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top-5 Nollywood Celebrities Who Became Pastors

The life of a celebrity seems to be far from the life of saints. It seems to be something glamorous and marvelous. But some Nollywood celebrities changed their lives to spread their love for God by becoming pastors.  

 1.Eucheria Anunobi

Eucheria Anunobi
Eucheria AnunobiEucheria Anunobi also suffered after starring in the movie ‘Glamour Girls’. After the role, she also became in the center of different scandals concerning her relationship and crushed marriage. But then she announced an even more controversial news: she has given her life to Christ. She was ordained at the Fresh Oil Ministry, Egbeda, Lagos, as an evangelist. Then she decided to preach as a pastor which is what she is currently doing. She counsels youth in the curch and travels spreading the word of God.

2. Okey Ogunjiofor

Okey Ogunjiofor
Okey Ogunjiofor
In 1992 he gave birth to Nollywood when he released movie ‘Living in Bondage’. But now he calls himself an actor and a preacher of the gospel. He left the movie industry because he considered it to be a hobby. Now he spreads the Word, gives motivational speeches and is an author of many Christian literature.

3. Elizabeth Benson

Elizabeth Benson
Elizabeth Benson

Liz Benson was rather popular in the 90′s. She appeared in popular soap opera ‘Fortunes’ in 1993. The show ran for nearly 2 years. After this, she acted in many movies and TV series. But in 1994 she became a subject of many scandals and controversies. It was connected to her role in popular movie ‘Glamour Girls’. A movie which was focused on prostitution. So the actress disappeared from the industry to reinvent her image. In 2009 she married a man who is a Bishop at the Rainbow Christian Assembly in Warri, Delta State. Now Liz and her husband run the church together.

4. Zack Orji

Zack Orji
Zack Orji
He used to be the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria,AGN. But some time ago, he decided to devote his life to God. A little while later he was ordained as a full-time evangelist at the Christian Central Chapel International (CCCI). So he dedicated his life to spread the word of God all over the world. This veteran of Nollywood has been spotted engaging in some evangelical activities all over Nigeria.

5. Pat Attah

Pat Attah
Pat Attah
This handsome Nollywood actor also became a pastor. He used to conquer girls’ hearts. But now he is conquering hearts for Jesus. The actor and musician currently lives in Hamburg, Germany. He is a preacher and he uses social networks sites including Facebook to deliver his sermon/messages to everyone.

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