Monday, October 20, 2014

VIDEO: Highlights From The Jesse Jagz Experience Concert 2014

Watch Highlights from The Jesse Jagz Experience Concert 2014 held at The MUSON Centre, Lagos during the month of August 2014 has surfaced  .
The concert was headlined by Jesse Jagz obviously alongside acts like Tesh Carter, Jumar and more. Watch the thrilling footage which includes super dope live performances below!
This Guy is a genius, The Industry doesn’t  just know /Sad/  though talent is mostly accepted by looks and commercial satisfaction (not saying it’s bad to make money with music) but we need to appreciate good music also, This gives rise to more good music from others yet to come. Our Music Industry has the capability to bloom 10 times over what we are experiencing at the moment, (ask Nollywood which is 3rd movie industry in the world). The Nigerian Music Industry can become that reality too (at least top 3 or 4 Exported music globally) There is a lot of talents, Human resources, people willing and always ready to work. 

We need Educators, Investors, Motivators, Creative thinkers, Mentors, and all entertainment Professionals (including the government too) to set structure which would be sustainable for every stake holder and contributor to the Industry, even decades to come.

Shout out to those who have, who are helping put Nigerian music on a global level.
God bless Naija, God bless African, God bless the world in general
 Peace !
Don’t forget to copy  JagzNation Vol II: The Royal Niger Company, if you haven’t done so yet.


If you can't download, copy and past the link above to get the video

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