Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Meek Mill comes for Drake, claims he doesn't wrote his own rap. Drake fans come for him

Sincerely, if this is not a publicity stunt between Meek Mill and Drake, i think is is way beyond expectation as everybody should learn to mind their business. And in the game, i feel you dont have to keep enmity or make enemies that is one thing i like Nigerian rapper  Ice Prince Zamani. Well we should learn to overlook certain touching thoughts that may bother us because i also think that is a show of maturity. If we start slamming people publicly  about what we think about them or what we have discovered about them, it will be difficult for us to live happily with  people.

Like linda would say,

 "Who is this guy again? To be honest, I didn't know much about Meek Mill until he started dating Nicki Minaj. So all this his 'feeling himself' will probably stop when that's over."

The rapper shaded Drake, and other rappers in a twitter rant.

 More of his tweets after the cut....

And Drake fans come for him..

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