Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"MUST READ" 5 things to remove from your CV

• Whatever does not improve your chances of landing the job e.g. marital status, ethnic group, religion, state of origin and so on.

• Irrelevant job experiences: remove any job experience that does not relate to the new job you want. Upload your CV for a free evaluation Here

· Unprofessional email addresses and personal social media IDs: e.g. sexyshady@yahoo.com, fineboyemeka@gmail.com, or your twitter and Facebook accounts where you post nude pictures, rant about your personal/emotional issues and so on.

· Salary information: do not include your salary figures or info at your last job and also your expected salary in the new job you’re pursuing.

·  “Referees Available upon Request”: for goodness sakes, why wait for it to be requested before giving it out? If you’ve got enough space, add your references especially if they are very valuable ones that can help you land the job.

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