Tuesday, July 21, 2015

15 Most Amazingly Disturbing Facts About Everyday Life You’ll Learn Today

#15 Maggoty Cheese

Would you eat a cheese that contained live maggots? Of course you wouldn’t…unless…. Unless you were nuts! But some people do. We know this because there is a market for it. It comes from Sardinia and it is suggested that you cover your eyes whilst eating it because the maggots can jump up to five inches. I think I’ll stick with camembert.

#14 Spiders Everywhere

There are spiders everywhere. Are you scared of spiders? Maybe it’s time to get used to them and overcome your fears. On average, there is a spider within six feet of you at all times. So look around you and ask yourself how many spiders would be in ...

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#13 Eating Spiders

You have probably heard this one before but I just wanted to mention it whilst we are on the topic of spiders. During your lifetime with all things considered, you will probably eat about eight spiders.

#12 Urine Teeth

I bet you never expected to see those two words together, did you? The truth is, you could use urine to clean your teeth if you wanted. I mean, I guess you could use anything to “clean” your teeth. The thing is that in Roman days they actually did use urine.

#11 Harispray

If you are anything like me, you use a lot of hairspray. Actually, that is not true, I barely have any hair. Which is lucky because only a few years ago in 2008, scientists discovered a new bacteria which lives inside hairspray.

#10 Infant Foreskin

Consider this; if you still have your foreskin (and clearly I have alienated half the population form this little conversation) you could be being selfish. They have many uses. Infants’ foreskins have been used for everything from skin grafts to the manufacture of face creams.

#9 Fecal Soda

It think we all know where this one is going based purely on the title, don’t we? No? Okay then let me explain. About half of the soda fountains in fast food restaurants contain bacteria which began in fecal matter. How does that make you feel?

#8 Inhaling Skin

Living in a city it is almost impossible not to expose yourself to the disgusting side of life, as clean as you think you are. Apparently, walking through a subway station, about 15% of the air you inhale has traces of human skin in it.

#7 Old Condoms

If you thought condoms were a new addition to the world then I’m afraid you are mistaken. Thankfully,
they have come a long way in recent years, however. With the earliest found dating back to the 1640s, they used to be made out of animal and fish intestines. Contraceptive alright!

#6 Chocolate Shortage

Everybody is concerned about global warming and using up the Earth’s precious resources. That’s great and everything but I haven’t heard anyone concerned about chocolate. It turns out that chocolate is being consumed at a greater rate than cocoa producers can make. This could mean the end of chocolate in the coming years.

#5 Dragonfly Scoop

The insect world is probably the most bizarre thing ever. If you get stuck like in that old movie Honey I Shrunk The Kids, you might marvel at all of that stuff up close. Like the fact that a dragonfly has a shovel-shaped penis to scoop out a rival’s sperm.

#4 Roo Vagina

The world is full of weird and wonderful animals. Take Australia for example. Once you get past all of the little things like snakes, spiders, jellyfish and octopus that can kill you there is some crazy stuff going on the won’t hurt you. Like the fact that a male echidna has a four-pronged penis or that a female kangaroo has three vaginas.

#3 Poop Brush

It is a really good idea to flush the toilet with the lid shut, especially if the toilet happens to be in the same room as the bathroom. When you flush, fecal matter is thrust in to the air and you will end up with poop particles on your toothbrush. True story…

#2 Peanut Butter

You know how you buy some foods and the warning on the label will often say something like “may contain traces of nuts”? Yeah well when you are buying something that is supposed to have nuts in it like peanut butter, why doesn’t it say “may contain bits of rat”? In the States, the FDA approves 1 pound of the stuff to contain a maximum of five rodent hairs and 150 bug fragments.

#1 Dinosaur Pee

Do you like the idea of drinking the urine of other animals? If you answered yes then please move on to the next one. But if you are a normal person and answered no then consider that every time you have a glass of water you are drinking dinosaur pee.

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