Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Nigerians react to the Presidential Media chat

  1. See reactions after the cut.......

  2. Had the priviledge of listening to at the what an honest u can see right thru him
  3. Watching last nights and seeing the way the president literally evaded questions, I smh in despair... We kinda doomed
  4. Tell him that you don't fight a weak ideology by tampering a stronger one. Hijab isn't the problem, B/H is!
  5. What are d wailers saying about last night o? Have they analyzed it enough? Wailers must wail
  6. Dear wailers I would forgive PMB if he errs in his actions: for now,his intentions far outweighs his "sins"
  7. 2. Signs are; Nigerians who anticipated a change in the fundamentals should probably look for 2017 for any sign
  8. Two Things from ; 1. The constitution of the FRN is a hindrance to . Probably he needs it set aside.
  9. Lessons from the : There's nothing like a "repentant democrat" and "once a military; forever a military" OBJ,
  10. We urge you to share your thoughts with us about the
  11. Of sincerity, truth and strong will, with PMB, the giant of Africa can roar again.
  12. Well done Sir & the organizers of the .Now let's get to turning the country around. It's possible
  13. We don't hv firm intel that Cbk girls are alive and in one place...yes, that's correct and that's the honest truth -
  14. ": ; You can not manage the country if you can not secure it ~ PMB "
  15. : Says Wearing Of Hijab May Be Banned If Suicide Bombers Continue To Operate Under It's Guise.
  16. I love this quote by - : Work so hard as if it were up to you. Pray so hard as if it were up to God
  17. PB spoke the truth on Dasuki & Kanu yet some are upset, did we expect him to lie? He is who he is, no apologies.
  18. I missed your coverage of it's never the same without you.

  19. If you still haven't found your faith in Buhari's leadership after the then you can relocate to Ghana. We don't care!
  20. "We may have to send the young unemployed youth seeking N5k fee to farm to earn the money" - PMB via
  21. PMB's reaction and body language as regards Dasuki and Kanu is obvious that he had tried and find them guilty.
  22. I love the part where PMB said how can senators use 45Billion to buy cars, they should use the old ones hehehe :
  23. my best quote "people say they are marginalised, who's marginalising them?" PMB
  24. : People should use their hands and initiative and not all white collar jobs, to reduce unemployment -
  25. The president was honest & brutal enough to let us know, He is The Minister of Petroleum, Finance & Justice combined
  26. : We may send unemployed youth seeking N5k fee to farms .com
  27. What did I miss?
  28. Next time, PB needs to use journos who have hard hitting interview experience, not starry eyed individuals.
  29. I just finished watching And I am concerned about our democracy.
  30. : Do you know that Nnamdi Kanu has two passports and he came into the country without using any? ~
  31. When I heard PMB saying if bombings continue using girls wearing hijab he'll consider banning it, I said
  32. Nnamdi Kanu n Dasuki Gate your names provoked the Commander-in-chief, meaning ur cases are in his intensive care unit
  33. I always admire this man, only a negative Nigerian will not support him..
  34. When was the last time you heard a Nigerian President answering questions honestly like we did tonight? Sai Baba!
  35. PMB answered about 95% of the questions tonight; GMB answered the rest! 😂😂
  36. Welcome to where the president is more sincere than your average pastor and imam.
  37. Q: Why is your government not obeying court granted bails PMB: Do you know what crimes they committed?
  38. challenges Nigerian Media to do more investigative journalism as ends.
  39. The way PMB answered the bail refusal question,you just know he's not even sorry. You can call him dictator whatever.
  40. PMB on Biafra agitation: condescending, dismissive, & inappropriate. Comment re pulling down gown quite uncalled for.
  41. parting words " Please ask your colleagues to do more investigative journalism"
  42. I love that! PMB ended by asking the media to do more investigative journalism than sensational reporting.
  43. : President Buhari says there are evidences of treasonable felony against Nnamdi Kanu
  44. Re Dasuki, Nnandi Kanu & DSS: If you know the atrocities committed by the people granted bail then you'd understand
  45. : “We may have to send the young unemployed youth seeking N5k fee to farm to earn the money” - PMB
  46. ; Foreign exchange will be made available to the productive sector of the economy and not for luxury items ~ PMB

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