Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#BudgetOfYams: Social media users react to 2016 Budget

  1. They are spending huge money on websites cars yams and Christmas trees and they say no money in the country.
  2. Every year Renovation of Aso Rock This blatant misuse of state funds has to stop oh..
  3. N141m for tyres. N618m for Energy bulbs N764m for recreation. If this is not madness and thievery I wonder what it is.
  4. So linking of cable to drivers restroom at the villa admin will cost N322,421,971. I'm an Engineer and no golden cable exist
  5. Baba Drank Milo and ate Agege bread during Campaign, But now he wants to eat imported shawarma worth billions of Naira.
  6. With this do we finally agree that "Stealing is not corruption"? Just answer. Don't abuse my mother
  7. So, I campaigned for APC. But with all these things they are doing, I'm starting to regret my actions.
  8. Nigerians here is your change!
  9. Cable to Drivers Room= N300m This must be that GLO cable that runs thru Oceans.
  10. This carry white Yam, red Yam, cocoyam, water Yam and last last Yam leg. Nigerians... We are in trouble
  11. The plan is to end the year with a $0 deficit after projecting a $2B + deficit in the Fav this tweet.
  12. GMB took 2 cars from Dasuki's yams. They said Dasuki now pays Presidential entitlements They have Budgeted N3.6B for cars.
  13. to spend N559,189,321 on Software that cost N81,307,350 in 2015. This is a N477,881,971 (or almost 500% increase)
  14. People dat claim to av integrity are d ones spending Recklessness
  15. Fellow Nigerians, without prejudice, the inflated budget put at over N6T isn't meant for the good of Nigerians
  16. ": "drivers rest room?lol
  17. Over N300M will be spent on Animals. Which kind animal be this. There is God oooh.
  18. Nigeria is hosting Olympics and world cup next year
  19. N308M budgeted for VIP wing at state house hospital. That amount can renovate dilapidated hostels at OAU.
  20. aims to spend N18.1bn on the Presidential villa in 2016. This is an N11.5bn (or almost 200%) increase from 2015
  21. After seeing the money allocated for stationeries, I'm convinced this is indeed
  22. N11.4m for news papers?... And the man can't even read...
  23. Purchase of health/medical equipment for State House Clinic = N3,219,555,017. N3bn Is it 4 entire hospitals in Nigeria?
  24. 13- Further comparison State House Total budget 2014 - N12.2bn 2015 - N 6.6bn 2016 - N18.1bn Source: premium times
  25. 12- 2015 budget:Wildlife Conservation=18,102,109 2016 Budget:Wildlife Conservation=326,084,876 (State House,Hqtrs)
  26. 39b NAIRA for the president as against 12.2b in 2014 and 6.6b in 2015
  27. 8- 2015 budget:Research and Development=6,658,739 2016 budget: Research and Development=294,460,000 (NIPPS, KURU)
  28. Yes, a budget of Pepper yam with spiced omelette. No austerity in AsoRock.

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