Saturday, April 30, 2016

hilatious: Inmate gets in trouble for posting selfies in van on his way to jail


 27 year old Shane Holbrook of Huntington, West Virginia, who was sentenced to jail for first degree armed robbery and malicious wounding after he shot a man at gunpoint in Feburuary 2016, posted pictures of himself in a jail-van transporting him to prison. The jail van belonged to the Cabell County Courthouse and he was being transported to the state's Western Regional Jail with some other inmates. In one photo he captioned it: 'Go hard all day.'

According to WEAR-TV, when they interviewed Holbrook and asked him why he posted those photos, he said he wanted to reassure his family that he was doing well, and posted three selfies with the captions, 'On the van,' 'Go hard all day', and 'Catch up' over the course of at least 20 minutes.

He said:
"We were just trying to have a good time in jail. We're already here, why be miserable?' Phones are considered contrabands and aren't allowed in jail or in the van transporting offenders to jail.
When Holbrook was asked about how he had access to the contraband, he said the cell phone was 'within reach'.
He said: 'It just happened...Lightning strikes trees, comets fall to earth, a guy in jail gets a cell phone sometimes. That's just the way this works.'

The spokesperson for the jail released a statement that reads in part:

'The Western Regional Jail and Correctional Facility authorities requires pat-downs of all individuals when they enter its custody as part of the agency's zero tolerance police against contraband.

'The incident in question remains under investigation. The device at issue was confiscated before the inmates entered the Western Regional Jail.' His friends responded by laughing at his ability to post while on his way to jail. Read some of the comments below...

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