Saturday, November 28, 2015

Weird Facts About the P0rn Industry

 #1 Small Breasts In Australia

They've banned all porn that contain women with A-cup breasts or smaller. Go figure, and that's not even an Australian porn joke!


 #2 Lesbian Porn Stars

Girl on girl action earns a porn actress more pay than a sex scene with a man. How can you tell if a woman is truly a lesbian? Her nails. A bona fide lesbian will know to snip her nails before sex with another gal.


#3 Sex Crimes

A 1995 study in Japan showed it's country having the easiest access to hardcore pornography worldwide, while also having the lowest sex-crime rates in the world! But more so, Japan is rather unique and produces one of the lowest overall crime rates in the world.


#5 The average rate for a male porn star doing straight porn is $500 to $600. Gay porn will pay three times that amount. 

#6 Making Of Legal Porn

With the porn industry being one of the most lucrative businesses around, it's surprising that in the U.S., the making of or acting in porn is legal ONLY in Los Angeles and New Hampshire.

#7 Interracial Sex Taboo

For many porn stars when it comes to things they won’t do on camera, a surprising number of adult-film stars draw the line at interracial sex.

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